WBC Staff

Shaundretta Boykins, Director of the Women's Business Center of Central Ohio

Shaundretta Boykins is the new director of the Women’s Business Center of Central Ohio (WBC). Previously, Boykins served as ECDI’s Lead Relationship Manager for the WBC and brings almost 20 years of financial experience and entrepreneurial background to the WBC’s members. Boykins’ lack of knowledge of credit and subsequent hardship actually inspired her to educate herself more in financial services. She is currently an entrepreneur herself, which gives her a unique perspective and competitive edge when it comes to understanding and advising other aspiring entrepreneurs. Her company, The Credit Connoisseur LLC, has been in operation for almost a decade and helps educate clients on credit and how to manage it. 


Nicole Liatos, Director of the Women's Business of Northern Ohio

Nicole is the Director of the Women’s Business Center, of Northern Ohio, powered by the Economic and Community Development Institute (ECDI). Nicole’s responsibilities include implementing new WBC entrepreneurship curriculums and programming, one-on-one coaching, organizing and leading training and workshops, and managing the day-to-day operations. Nicole cultivates relationships within the community and works to ensure WBC is able to execute on its goals to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the world of business today; by providing the much-needed support system, coaching, and fundamentals that the WBC offers. Nicole has worked closely with the WBC for the past two and a half years as the Program Manager. As an entrepreneurial-minded individual, Nicole brings a vast knowledge of business strategy. She has worked across a range of industries to deliver programs that aligned with the organization’s strategic vision.


Ella Frye, Director of the Women's Business Center of Cincinnati
Spearheading the Women's Business Center in Cincinnati is Ella Frye, as Executive Director. In her role, Ella will launch the Cincinnati office, promoting ECDI lending and training services, establishing relationships with community members, raising company awareness, and of course disbursing loans! Ella comes to ECDI with 30 years of professional experience in economic development, small business development and consulting.
Mauri Griffin, Program Administrator, WBC Cincinnati