The Women's Business Center of Ohio is working to increase its online training opportunities.

For training offered through the SBA, please visit the SBA Learning Center at

The Women’s Business Center is now offering an online interactive Business Plan Course 

DreamBuilder is a unique, multi-leveled business skills training program created to help women build their dream of starting or growing their own business.  The 12 courses teach the basics of starting and growing a business, including topics such as:

  • Rewards and Challenges of Being an Entrepreneur
  • Developing Your Business  Idea
  • Who is Your Customer
  • Who is Your Competitor
  • Marketing Strategy
  • The significance of Branding,
  • Pricing and so much more.

Upon completion, you will have an editable business plan. Through our online tool, you will become a part of the WBC DreamBuilder community.  You can communicate with other participants through discussion boards and messaging options. In addition, you will find various sample business forms and useful templates for your business.    

Register at: